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Heritage Handloom to the Future

// National Award-winning Master Artisans across India work exclusively with us to create traditional garments that are more art form than accoutrement. 


// Formed from the roots of Bindu’s decade-strong, eponymous, heritage hand-loom label & royal lineage.


// Innovating craft with modern design. We attempt to preserve heritage by developing ancient textiles, typically those that have died out over time. But more importantly, we want to innovate it forward through design such that the craft of highly skilled weavers, karigars (hand-embroiderers), and artisans can and must live on for the next generations.


// Artisanship, extreme quality, & emotion over trend.


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8 months to hand-weave by master weavers, revived from over 600 years ago.

Hand-embroidery: 45 to 250 hours PER garment by our master artisans.


Indian embroidery has a rich history, and our craftsmen have immense skill. We hope to push that forward with modern design thinking. 

Capsule by capsule, we want to literally dig deeper — embellishment needs to descend from the surface, melt down into the very grain, cut, & form. We marry the warp & weft of weaving with the macro texture & micro detail of embroidery.

Oversized mythological motifs & local superstitions adorn jackets and shirting while tailored separates are emboldened with movement. Refined & sophisticated silhouettes are paired with exceptionally high-quality fabrication, movement, and intricate detail-work. 







Surya Giri

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Surya Giri is a musician, entrepreneur, & designer. He has worked for film & media composers as an orchestrator and programmer for all things string-related. He's currently working through concurrent sonic projects -- personal, documentary, & for film. University of Chicago 2016.


Bindu Giri


The brand’s parent company, Bindu Giri, is a decade-old handloom label that provides exquisite garments to fashion’s elite across the globe. Formed by Bindu after she was exposed at a young age through her royal lineage to the incomparable work of the region’s craftsmen, she strives to revive traditions which were lost in the country’s post-British era. Bindu has an MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business & certification from the LaSalle College of the Arts Singapore.